Next Level Services

Make your party one to remember with next level DJ lighting services like laser light shows, LED dance floor, rolling fog and more!

Laser Light Show Packages

Caliente Aurora

The X-Laser Caliente Aurora creates colorful liquid sky effects. Great for dance parties! The Caliente Aurora can vividly produce seven rich colors, including red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow and white, all across a wide range of stunning patterns.

This package includes 3 hours of service 

1- High End Caliente Aurora laser.

 1- X laser stand,

1- Laser Technician to run show,

 1-FDA Variance license,

1 hazer, Setup breakdown. Licensed and insured  


X-Laser Skywriter HPX 

The Skywriter HPX is X-Laser’s next-generation professional laser system. The HPX model was designed to seamlessly transition from creating thick, high-impact beam shows one night to projecting crisp graphics the next.the HPX is perfect for creating awesome effects for shows up to 2,000 guests. This

Package includes 3 hours of service

1- Skywrighter HPX Laser Class 3B High End laser.  

1- X laser stand 

1- Laser Technician to run show

1-Laser computer with software to run graphics and sky show  

1-FDA Variance

1 hazer  Setup breakdown.

Licensed and insured  



Laser light show Combo Package

Go big or go home with this combo package and get the best of both worlds.

This Package comes with 2-The X-Laser Caliente Aurora

1-The Skywriter HPX Laser Class 3B High End laser.

3- stands 

1- Laser Technician to run show

1-Laser computer with software to run graphics and sky show,

1-FDA Variance,

4 bounce mirrors,

2 -Z350 hazer,

Setup breakdown.

We are licensed and insured. 





LED Dance Floor


Intelligent Lighting


Pro Sound


Cold Sparks Rentals

Wow your guest with our cold sparkes rentals!  We can liven up your stage or you can have a Sparkly grand entrance the possibilities are endless! Our cold spark machines are safe to use inside and outside and will not catch you are your venue on fire! These machines will shoot a burst of sparks up to 30 seconds at a time shooting sparks 3,6,10 feet high. Some venues may require a fire marshal approval. 

Give us a call today for more details.

UP lighting Rentals


At Dance n Groove DJs Lighting is what we’re passionate about with setting beautiful moods provoking and spectacular lighting! We’re dedicated to bringing out the elegance, ambiance, and theme of your venue by providing a world-class, awe-inspiring lighting experience  You’ll be amazed at our luxurious, comprehensive yet affordable service. We specialize in carefully listening to you, our client, as we design the lighting which will help your dream event come true. Call us or send a quick email to get started.








Bubble Machine


Moving Heads




Inflatable Movie Screens & Projectors


HDTV Stations