Most people remember Prom’s and School dances for the rest of their lives! With our free consultation, DanceNGroove DJs will help you plan your schools events at the beginning of the year. We brainstorm ideas wile paying attention to your schools traditions and help you make up the theme. Remember, everything is going to revolve around your theme and class song. When deciding on a venue for your school dance, feel confident that DanceNGroove DJ’s team of professionals can work in any space and entertain any size school event. We can help you decide on what the class song is going to be and put emphasis on special announcements during the event.


Dance n Groove Djs will play songs that will remind your classmates of that special night! Most of all, we plan to instill memories of fun and excitement! Senior Proms and most school dances only come around once in a lifetime, make it a memorable one! With over 15yrs of experience, Dance-N-Groove DJs will be with you every step of the way, answering any questions and coordinating the event.